I discovered a gay romance novel, and I found I wasn't alone

How I got into Spandex
posted 9 months ago
I just stumbled upon a gay romance novel called The Lord Won't Mind by Gordon Merrick that I found in a bookstore before I went to Uni. The story is about Peter and Charlie. Hot as fuck. Discovering each other, sun, brief swimsuits, and sexy as fuck tan lines. I know that series helped me discover that I wasn't the only one who was turned on by sexy as fuck men -- in and out of spandex! Anyone else read these books? A synopsis is: A passionate love story unfolds between two young men in the 1930s in this “wildly sexy” New York Times bestseller and its two sequels (The Advocate). The Peter & Charlie Trilogy—with its explicit sex scenes and positive affirmation of coming out—is “one of gaydom’s great guilty pleasures” (The Advocate). All three groundbreaking works of gay fiction are collected here, including The Lord Won’t Mind, which stayed on the New York Times bestseller list for sixteen weeks. The Lord Won’t Mind: Charlie Mills wants to be a good boy. That way, his grandmother will give him all the gifts and money he could want. But remaining in her good graces as he heads off to college means finding a nice girl to marry. He wasn’t counting on Peter Martin stepping off a train and into his life. The passion between the two men is undeniable, yet making it last will come at a great price—and there are those who will do anything to make them pay. One for the Gods: It’s ten years later, and Peter and Charlie are shipping off to the sunny Mediterranean for a little business and a lot of pleasure. While traveling from Saint-Tropez to Athens to Mykonos, they meet a sexy French playboy who’s eager to make waves. Suddenly, Peter and Charlie find themselves on a voyage of self-discovery that could change their relationship forever. Forth Into the Light: It’s no surprise Peter and Charlie—two men with the looks of Adonis and Narcissus—have chosen a Greek island for their home. But their lives are far from tranquil: The village is rampant with deceit and lust; beguiling Martha is plotting to steal Charlie away from Peter; and passionate, young Jeff repeatedly tests the couple’s fidelity. The tale of Peter and Charlie’s love has spanned years and the globe, but it could all come to a crashing end on these lush shores.
posted 8 months ago
Have enjoyed Gordon Merrick novels in the past also. Extremely erotic! Huge turn on for me.